Commercial using


Hello! Can I use your free hostng, for commercial using? Site belongs to the company where i working. And site will be only informative.


Hi @Caramello
Do you want use it for business purpose like earning ? :slight_smile:


No, site only informative. Free vacancies, photos, some files to downloading. :slight_smile:


Okay then you can use 000webhost but file downloading is not allowed :slight_smile:


Ok! Thanks for help! :slight_smile:


Your welcome :blush:


Hi @Caramello

You can do it here. Downloading is allowed in sites, but it has a limit. There isn’t any problem if you don’t use your website fully for downloads (such as mp3 sites).

When talking about vacancies, you can show your vacancies here. No problem

It doesnt matter if your website is informative. But it must not contain things affect internet security and any person’s personality.


If your site is commercial use and receives too much traffic or requests and overloads the web server your account may be suspended and you would have to upgrade to the premium services if this happened again.

I urge you to check out firstly before commencing your website on the free platform.