Como configurar registro mx de correo zoho mail en la nueva plataforma de 000webhost


al actualizar a la nueva plataforma de 000webhost no me deja asociar mx de zoho mail


me pasa lo mismo. Por favor señores como configurar registro MX


Hi @vaquiroz!

To setup the MX records from 000webhost you must have a parked domain first. If you do, please go to 000webhost cPanel > Set web address > > Manage > Set MX record

If your domain is not parked to 000webhost, but rather pointed using CNAME records, please go to your registrar cPanel and modify the MX records from there.


y como agregar registros TXT?


@vaquiroz If you have used CNAME to point towards 000webhost,
then go to your domain dns and you’ll be able to add “TXT” records there.

Or if you have connected it with cloudflare,
then login to your cloudflare account…Go to “DNS” tab and add “TXT” record there.