Conection is not private


I have installed wordpress to my website “” and everything was fine, and then i went to settings, and saw that the Site Address (URL) in the settings was set to “” and i didnt want that because i wanted to be my adress when someone enters, so i changet it into "
and now i tried everything and there is this error when i try to enter
conection is not private


000webhost does not provide ssl for custom domain. so you need to use “http” not “https” in your wordpress general settings.

If you want then connect it with cloudflare.


I wrote with http but the same thing, it just goes auto on https when i try to enter the website


@EduardUje Works fine here, clear your browser your cache and data and then try again or use Incognito mode in chrome browser.


Install “WordPress Force HTTP” plugin via WordPress administration.


Same problem, nothing happened


That did not help. same thing. Does it work for you?


Within the adminstrator settings of WordPress

Make sure both URL are set to


I did this and now i have the error when i try to enter the administrator settings too
But i can enter the website, which looks like ■■■■ now


@EduardUje Looks like “css” is not working, Plz check with it.