Config file error while uploading the moodle files in 000webhost

I was trying to upload my moodle files in 000webhost. After uploading the file there is an error showing that “Fatal error: $CFG->dataroot is not configured properly, directory does not exist or is not accessible! Exiting”. Could anyone help me to find the solution.

you need to edit the config file to match your domain & scripts installation folder.

You can find this connection & path information in your cpanel, you can define these variables with the correct path yourself once you know where it is.

in this at the top right i couldn’t able to see the path.

What address do you use to access your site the one listed above?

<?php $dir = dirname(__FILE__); echo "<p>Full path to this dir: " . $dir . "</p>"; ?>

Thank You sir. But now i am getting HTTP ERROR 500.
this is my link how to solve this.? any solution?

In most cases error 500 happens due to error in your script. Enable PHP error reporting to see exact problem. Follow this tutorial and let me know exact error message

thank you sir. now i am getting the error stating " you dont have permission to access"