Confused by changes in Web builder

Hello - I have been using 000webhost for a few years now to create my own website. I recently recommended it to a friend and am beginning to help them with their site. The process is different than when I created my site. When I am beginning the creation process, it takes me over to and it seems to disconnect me from 000webhost. The builder is different than before, much simpler, but with much fewer options. The whol layout is different. My link through 000webhost i and the new link that is created at zyro is I would prefer to use 000webhost’s website builder.

I would be grateful for any assistance you can provide.

Sadly you won’t be able to use the old builder anymore.

Thanks infinity! When did it change? Any suggestions for other options?

Also, I just went in to edit one of my sites that was created with the old version and when I click on Website Builder, it takes me to the new version of Zyro, which asks me to start over. How do I access my existing site?

And…the dashboard looks different now. I am not seeing the options that were there before. Any thoughts?

I’ll have to ask developers but I think users should be remaking in the new builder as the old builder is being removed from service.

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