Confused regarding migration to new panel

We’ve noticed that you’re still using the old control panel of 000webhost and miss out on a lot of great features that come with the new one. We’re inviting you to migrate your website:

I followed the steps then clicked move my account.

I got a message in the top that you account has been moved to new panel but in the middle of the page there was another message that you already have account in new panel and there was a login button under it. When i logged in using button it landed me on the same page as it will using old panel also the domain, database and files were already there. While the steps mentioned in this post

I only did 1 and 2 and everything is setup. Can some from the official support please check my account and see if everything is good or did i miss something,


@rajababar You need delete your old panel in order to use new login panel.
But back up all your data…as a safety measure!!!

Hit enter cPanel first on your active sites, then go all the way down the control panel.

Now hit cancel/Delete account.

just hit “Delete”

Thanks for the reply. Actually i have a domain and under it i have few web services. I already backed up my files and database but i’m afraid deleting the account might delete everything and my server will go down.

What should i do after deleting the old account?

After deleting the old panel account simply visit the login page and use the same details and your new panel account will appear.

Thanks i did that. But now one of my webservice which was working perfect when hosted on old panel returns following error Notice: Use of undefined constant id - assumed ‘id’? I have already downgraded my php version to 5.2.

Any idea?

What is your site? :1234:

Actually it’s not a website. I have few services hosted. Although setting display_errors to 0 ini_set(‘display_errors’,‘0’); stopped showing the notice but the strange part is on the old panel i had this ini_set(‘display_errors’,‘1’); and the same service (without any code change) was not displaying any notices strange.

What was the max php version on the old panel?

Thanks & Regards

Most old panel accounts used PHP Version 5.2.17

What is your 000webhostapp url

There’s another forum topic “Cannot Migrate to New CPanel” that may be relevant to solving the “undefined id” problem. In particular, read “step ten” in post 28, and also read post 36. Some of your config files may need to be updated. Good luck. I’m just an inexperienced newbie, so forgive me if this advice is wrong.

Thanks guys i solved it. That was a php error actually i was missing single quotes inside my array.
Once again thanks a lot for your support.


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