Connecting domain with 000webhost - CNAME only?



I bought my own domainname and everything works with CNAME. However, I want the url in my browser to stay and not just a forward to I guess this could be fixed by changing the DNS server to that of 000website ( + on the website where I bought the domainname but I would also need to get something added on the control panel of 000webhost. I am reading that since a short period there is a new control panel for free users which only allows CNAME? Is this correct, and is the only way to fix my issue to buy a pro package?


Please read this.


I have purchased domain name from I want to host it from I have email service on bigrock with domain which I want to use. If I change nameservers, I wont be able to use mail services. If I add cname records, still I am unable to use mail services. I contacted bigrock, and they said that I need to add A record. Now 000webhost don’t show IP address, as it used to. How do I add A recodr with IP address? Please Help!


@smartsmith You can’t add A record with IP address as ip addresses changes regularly.

I suggest use “Email Forwarder” provided by 000webhost.

or Use any other email service, like: GSuite

else upgrade to premium for email services.