Connecting Hangs


when connecting it hangs alot on this state like 3 minutes then connects
so every time i upload a file i must wait 3 minutes for it to connect , so if iam uploading multiple files i have to wait 3 minutes before each one to be uploaded


If uploading mass files I find zipping, uploading and unzipping tends to usually work better…


000webhost web uploader hangs on 99% , i am not uploading masss files , i am uploading a plugin its size is only 60 kb



Lucky you even get connected totally off for me now.


lol :smiley: , sorry to hear that :’’’’’’’’’'D


Its doesn’t hang…you just have to wait until its uploaded.
If incase any comes…Just try it again and it will be uploaded.


noo , this happens when i enter the server also , this happens before i start uploading


Try now…its working

As well as unzipping is also working through 000webhost file manager
The thing is its just takes some time to upload


i increased timeout time to 90 and also same problem


Use 000webhost file manager to upload !!!


She is alive today!


000webhost file manager is so slooow and not good to use , for me even copying files takes so much time in it



just a note


ok . tnxx for replying ; infinity , akhilkumar322 , andrius


Seems pretty speedy today though!