"Connecting to Server, Please Wait __seconds "


From Last 5 days, my 000webhost account shows below error after logging in.
1 day ago, it showed your website is sleeping, kindly upgrade to hostinger or change sysTime.

Now its fully down.
Anyway my website is fully functional.
Problem is for 000webhost member area.

Kindly see this picture.


Can you try a proxy or VPN, there are a few issues with certain ISP blocking users from Iran, Qutar, India and a few other places, can you confirm your location and ISP also?


Thanks for your response.
I am using Vodafone Network from Qatar.


I have entered 000webhost member area.
now its showing ,
You have reached your website limit. At Hostinger your will have unlimited websites, traffic and disk space.’}}
{{‘Once you upgrade we will automatically move your current websites to Hostinger.’| translate}}

Still my website is working



Yeah what you see in the menu is normal but you should still be able to use your website without issue.

@ckhawand can you do your thing and check?


Try using