Connecting to server?


hello community i have my site on 000webhost i want to visit my file manager when i click login it show me "Please wait. Connecting to server. 8s"
when time is end the process is starting again
Please wait. Connecting to server. 8s
i have this problem from a week please help me…
sorry for bed english


Try visiting 000webhost using


when i loging through this it says The requested URL /go/login-panel was not found on this server.


Try another proxy or VPN, there are no issues with the servers so your connection issue may be local ISP.


i tried 2 proxy but they did not slove my problem does hotspot sheaild will slove it


even i tried to use tor browser but they also did help to slove my issue


What is your 000webhostapp URL?


and is my site it is working


I can access it fine very odd, I recommend trying a proxy again to see if it cures it?


@liaqataliazad Use opera beta browesr which has inbuilt VPN. This should solve your issue, till the original issue is solved.