Consult about database


the database is already connected but it doesn’t take the data from the website.


What is your INSERT code?


CREATE DEFINER=root@localhost PROCEDURE inser(in ID_Caso double,
in cus_name varchar(50),
in OpenDate date,
in TimeZone varchar(50),
in Severidad
/DECLARE nombre varchar(45)/
insert into casos(IDCaso,cus_name,OpenDate,TimeZone,Severidad) values(ID_Caso,cus_name,OpenDate,TimeZone,Severidad);


           error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
            $con=mysqli_connect("localhost","root","") or die("Problemas al conectar la base de datos");
            $query = mysqli_query($con,"Call inser('$_POST[IDCASO]','$_POST[nom]','$_POST[fec]','$_POST[zon]','$_POST[sev]')");
            if($query >=1)
                echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("INSERTADO CORRECTAMENTE");</script>';


What’s that code?
Is that mySQL?
And insert should be like that

INSERT INTO `table` (value1,value2) VALUES('123','test')  WHERE `row`='a_condition_here'


is mysql and is working fine using xammp and mysql workbench


Are you using the exact login details? id2551129_dataprotectorcasos with id2551129_root as well?


yes, that part is correct but i was reading that i need t change the localhost by something like this: $mysql_host = “”; this comes from CPanel but i do not have access


localhost is the hostname for 000webhost MySQL databases.

You can only run scripts on your hosting account via the website.

You cannot use RemoteMYSQL via your PC on an application etc nor can you remotely access it any other way.