Contact Form problems

Hi -
I am trying to us the Contact Form tool. I have entered an e-mail address and tested it a few times and am not receiving any e-mails (I checked spam, too,). I made sure it was turned on in the Cpanel. Any idea what I am missing?

What provider are you sending to like Yahoo etc?

Hi Infinity! Thanks for the reply.

I have tried with gmail and

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Odd I would have thought Googlemail to work I know for sure there has been previous issues with SCBGlobal.
How long since the test email you’ve submitted to Google? Has it turned up in the spam box?

Yes, it is odd. I think it has been 4 to 5 days. Yes, checked the spams, too. Do I need to do anything special on the options tab with SMTP?

Is there a test button to send a test?

Hi Infinity - I just tested it again and it is working now. Not sure what changed, if anything.

Thanks for your help!

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Very odd! Glad to hear though

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