Content page "title"


Everything on the new web page is working; except, two “content” pages. When opened in browser (Chrome) I see “New Page x” for the page “title.” Website:

How can I change the page “title” Content page is not linked to html document.



Hi @lucid
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Can you explain your issue a little more? So that we can check it


Issue is the “title” for web page:

How can this be changed, HTML? When I view page source, I see New Page 4 in web page source code.

William :


@lucid You need to change content in <title>...</title> in your <head>...</head> section. to fix your issue.
just edit your file and change/remove to whatever name you need.


Menu item is content not link; where is html file to edit?



@lucid Open your file manager and search for “index.php” or “index.html” and right click on it and hit edit.
Now follow the above suggestion to change title content.


Yes, have changed two instances from “About” to “Home.” Still says, "About."
Cleared browser data; still reads “About” for title.

Web site:



There are two menu options when edited; “Content” and “Link.” “Content,” menu option is stored as “2.php” in this case.

Made changes to title tags in “2.php”; now Browser shows correct “Home” title when menu option “Home” is selected.

FYI: If you re-publish your web site; check your edit of the “2.php” file, in my case when I re-published the site --it required correction with “Home” instead of “About.”