Could not find the option to set web address


Please refer to this post.

I am inside cPanel => Manage website.

I could not find the “set web address” option as given in the solution.
Please help.

Pick parked domains then on dashboard?

Dear Sir,

We apologize for closing the topic without a prior confirmation from you. I mispelled the location of feature: cPanel > Manage website > Tools > Set web address

It’s the same place where you parked the domain :slight_smile:

Linked the site and Installed WordPress.
Please lemme know what should I fill in the attached snapshot.
Can I also change the password if I want to for security reasons?

If you’ve installed WP don’t fill in that page just wait it out.

I waited for 2 days. It doesn’t work.
What’s wrong with this system.
Things are not customer friendly here.
Every step takes time due to waiting for community support.
Is there any tutorial that explains website setup in the webhost?
I Installed WP. But not able to access the site to do editing due to the error message picture attached in my previous message.

Have you installed WordPress already?

I can see your site is loading, you need to login to /wp-admin to administrate it now.

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