Couldn't point my custom domain into 000webhostapp

I have a parked domain which is and now I have changed my freenom DNS name servers which are and into CloudFlare Name Servers. But is working properly but If I click a blog post its URL changed into I can’t change it from Database Manager because my site is not pointed to 000webhost. How to point my domain instead of parked domain?@infinity

So if you are using CloudFlare your domain needs to be linked via CNAME
Simply unlink, delete, unlink, delete until no domains show - then add domain, use point, CNAME and set it up that way.

if I unlink and delete this both domains, could it affect to my existing website data?

No domains don’t affect data.

I have unlinked and delete but parked domain still exists should I also delete this domain?

Yes delete and unlink all to continue to point instead.

Okey I deleted all, But point domains doesn’t contain CloudFlare option.
And I try to add @ into CloudFlare DNS it shows

Follow the tutorial can’t go wrong.

Thank you for the assist, sir…!
One other thing,
Why doesn’t show the featured image or any description when I share my blog post on Facebook?
But with the URL, it shows the image, description, and Title as well.

Have you now updated database URL yes?

yes! into instead of

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Could you please help me with this incident?

It is possible that Facebook blacklisted the domains from Freenom. I know mine were getting banned some time ago…

When you share the URL, share it with HTTPS connection in front:

Also make sure your posts contain the appropriate meta tags, standard for Facebook in order for latter one to process your article successfully.

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After I point my domain into 000webhost and I have changed Database siteurl and home into my own domain (, after that I can’t log into my WP Dashboard it shows the message “This page isn’t working”.
Please help! @Infinity

I updated your URL to as CloudFlare pushes your site onto HTTPS
Your configuration needs to be HTTP
Confusing I know.

It is working now

Thank you…!
Why is this “Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped” showing when I try to share my blog post on FaceBook? Is there any way to I can fix this error?

Contact Facebook or upgrading to Hostinger with premium domain name.

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It’s happening again… I can’t log in to Dashboard.

Try Incognito?

What is happening

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