Count to 1,000,000


7 8 4 0 :hamburger: :smile:


:seven: :eight: :four: :one:

We are going to look back in 10 years at this and wonder why we ever wasted our time doing this. :sweat_smile:


:seven: :eight: :four: :two:
:smiley: but we will look back at it and wonder what in the heck happened, but laugh anyway :joy: :joy:


:seven: :four: :four: :three:


I’m full of joy: :joy :joy :joy !


:seven: :eight: :four: :three:

:joy: :joy: :smiley:


:seven: :eight: :four: :four:

I wanted to break those! :joy:


:seven: :eight: :four: :five:

You can’t break reality :joy: :joy: :smiley:


:seven: :eight: :four: :six:



:seven: :eight: :four: :seven:

I might go make some mayhem in OverWatch :joy:


:seven: :eight: :four: :eight:

Nice! :wink:

Might continue coding my website (if this stops soon!)


:seven: :eight: :four: :nine:

I think everything’s coming up, explodey! :joy:

I might do the same, I still have a lot of background work to do on this theme, it would be nice to get it up and running before the week is out :smiley:


:seven: :eight: :five: :zero:


:seven: :eight: :five: :one:


:seven: :eight: :five: :two:

What do you think of my profile pic?


:seven: :eight: :five: :three:

Yeah, I like it, did you make that?


:seven: :eight: :five: :four:

I didn’t make it. It was a filter from All that’s mine is me! :joy:


:seven: :eight: :five: :five:

Awesome :smiley:


:seven: :eight: :five: :six:

First time ever putting my face online! :joy:


:seven: :eight: :five: :seven:



:seven: :eight: :five: :eight: