Count to 1,000,000


:seven: :eight: :nine: :eight:

I’m not even on YouTube! :joy:


:seven: :eight: :nine: :nine:

Oh? I just seen a video on your website homepage :joy:
I assumed that was you :smiley:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :zero:

Nah. That was part of the template. I’ve been meaning to change that video. If you’d like to see me, look at my profile picture! :slight_smile:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :one:

Yeah, I just noticed it was a template :joy:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :two:

I changed most of the template up and added and deleted a bunch, but I totally forgot about that. Oops! :slight_smile:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :three:

I do all my coding on the back-end so it’s hidden from the general public :smiley:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :four:

We should join forces then! :smile:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :five:

I will be happy to help, I have over 10 years of experience :joy:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :six:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :seven:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :eight:


:seven: :nine: :zero: :nine:


:seven: :nine: :one: :zero:


:seven: :nine: :one: :one:


:seven: :nine: :one: :two:


:seven: :nine: :one: :three:


:seven: :nine: :one: :four:


:seven: :nine: :one: :five:


7 9 1 6 :smile: :slight_smile:


:seven: :nine: :one: :seven: