CPanel? Image Manager? Upload Image File?

Where is the cPanel and what does it look like?
When I click “Cpanel” I get an oops error message
(Is it the small list on the left hand side of the page with site settings?)

Where is the Image Manager and what does it look like?
(No pix on my website, all in public html, no link to page, no access to image file)

Can you screenshot what you see?
When you login to then hit manage on your site this is your control panel.

Hello Infinity,
I now have a “dash board” that I did not have before.
What I do not have is an “Image File” with my images & no pix on my site
What or where is the “Image Manager”?
When I try to upload, my only option is “public.html”.
My Image file uploads as individual file with no link to my pages
Can you help me?
Thanks, Marty

Oh yes dashboard is a new thing it is the control panel yes.
I’m not sure what imagemanager is we’ve never had one of them

When you access the file manager inside the public folder is all the files you need the public to see, the index HTML or PHP is the first file served to visitors you might already know this information

If you’ve used our website easy to click Zyro builder you need to to use the option within our control panel to access this builder

I can see my images are uploaded when I select and view.
Why are they not linking to my pages?
Also, there is a gradient effect on my saved website ( MS Expression)
The gradient goes from white to darker shades in stages.
On my site it is all single dark shade.
I think the proper file is the “CSS”, uploaded but not displaying properly
FYI, when I first uploaded, nothing appeared (Usual time lag to exhibit?)

Index page displays, no images

Try ctrl f5 on your page?

are you embedding them on your pages or are you just uploading them to the file manager and expecting them to show on your pages?
Apologies if that question sounds silly

No silly questions or answers here!
Tried ctrl F5, no difference,
Files just uploaded, not embedded, only option I had.

FYI, former Bluehost customer.
FTP entire website to server, everything worked.
Differences with 000webhost?
Option for second site / sub domain?

If you just upload files to FTP you’ll only be able to view them by viewing in the the browser
If you want the images to appear on a PHP or HTML page you need to embed them like using HTML code

I understand the difference, thank you.
What happens to the hyperlinks in the image files?

You can’t have a hyperlink in an image file?
You can embed an image in a page and hyperlink it to go elsewhere?

I have .pdf files and ms word docs in my image files with links to my pages.
The gradient that controls the shading is also in my image files

Now I’m completely lost unfortunately

Obviously I have some problems to correct on my end.
I appreciate your time and effort.

One more question, info on second website?

Free users can create two websites for free?

I thought that was what I read.