Create Folder With Same Name as File


I want to create a website to host some webapps (let’s call it mywebsi.te). I was thinking of doing something where going to mywebsi.te/webapps would show a list of webapps, and mywebsi.te/webapps/mywebapp would be a webapp. I have already configured in my .htaccess for mywebsi.te/webapps to show mywebsi.te/webapps.html. When going to mywebsi.te/webapps, it assumes I am trying to access mywebsi.te/webapps/ which is the folder containing by website. I am seeing a 403 error. How to I configure mywebsi.te/webapps to go to mywebsi.te/webapps.html instead of mywebsi.te/webapps/? Remember that I already configured the website so that pages like mywebsi.te/index go to mywebsi.te/index.html.


Why don’t you simplify your life and name the file name other than the directory name?


Well, I wouldn’t be asking if I wanted to do that. I would like to know how to do such a thing, not to find an alternative. If it is impossible, than that’s fine, but I’m not going to change my system if there is an alternative.