Create my own mail server, is it possible?



I have a .tk domain wich is hosted here, i’m also using Cloudflare for SSL. I want to have an email like this: “”.

I checked over the internet, I learned that there are two ways “Forwarding, and SMTP Server”. Forwarding method don’t allow to send mails from my own adress. Not really interesting but I tried, Zohomail is not accepting my registration, yandex can’t verify that I’m the owner of the domain and google is paid (G-suite).

So, I think the only good way is to have an SMTP server for receiving and sending emails. Can I do it here? Can 000webhost host an SMTP server? If not, is there another solution?



Unfortunately, you cannot use SMTP with a free account, you’ll have have to consider buying a paid plan


Then the only option is left is “Email Forwarding”.

Yes you can.

Follow the below tutorials to set up:-

Hope this helps you. :slight_smile: