Creating New Website stage


Hello sir,
I have parked my domain after successfully updatlng my nameservers.
I am at the stage of creating new website and password.
The problem now is that the moment filling my domain name, the icon 'create '
becomes faint, it is not highlighted for me to click. Nothing to link to website if it is not created.
Please, help.


Hi @JOHN5!

Please post a screenshot with your issue.


Thanks a lot. Once I put my domain name, the icon ‘create’ does not show well for me to click.



Owh, first you should create a website name with the name you want, then park the domain :slight_smile:


You are not allowed to use dots in your website name. Choose a random name you won’t forget and create the website.

After website has been created you will be able to link your domain to your site :slight_smile: