Crms inactive October

A well strange occurrence. Recently, in the last couple of weeks, my website,, has disappeared.
It is small so I hosted here at 000webhost for free in mid 2010.
And is now no longer here. No warnings no nothing.
Been in contact with Hostinger, the parent company, and the helpful staff cannot find any trace of my email address or the website on their servers. And when I try to log in I just get email not found etc. Likewise when trying to change password.
I haven’t uploaded anything to the site for sometime - years - and I recall using an ftp programme which will have had the passwords etc. But no longer on my PC.
So I’ve just created a new account and uploaded just the index.html page and it is now visible again.
Have no idea what had/has happened and the hosting servers are still up and running - the servers are in the domain registration and haven’t changed.
I suppose it is possible that a free hosting service might have done something - upgrade - and lost websites??
Wondered if any IT/web guru can please explain what might of happened??

If you provide me your app URL I can likely confirm inactivity which resulted in deletion

I don’t know the old app url as it was in the ftp programme when I last used it in 2013.

Oh then likely it has been deleted for inactivity.
Users have to login to our system at least once every three months to avoid deletion.

We had a migration from OLD PANEL to NEW PANEL in 2017, users had to download all their website files/database and then MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT on the New Panel and upload all their data and import their database
If you don’t remember doing this back in 2017 then your data will have been removed during the migration.

Thanks. Don’t recall doing that. So do you know why the site was still working till a couple of weeks ago??

I’m not sure at all then :worried:

But upon checking you’ve signed up again and managed to park

Which means it was not in use - else you wouldn’t have been able to add it again.

So I can only suspect your account was deleted for inactivity at some point but can’t check without the 000webhostapp URL.

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