Cron job running too often


Some days ago I changed my cron job from running every 10 minutes to every hour. I’m pretty sure it was working fine, up until yesterday, when it went back to running every 10 minutes randomly. Today it started running BOTH every 10 minutes and every hour. I’ve tried all that I can come up with (repairing, deleting the cron job and then setting it up again). Help would be appreciated, my website is :slight_smile:


Hi, I tried to reproduce the issue but have not been able to. I created a bug report for your site and it should be checked soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!


So how long could this take? I would also like to note that the cron job is running every 10 minutes even if I have 0 cron jobs listed.


That’s really odd. I asked a developer about it and so far no response, so I apologize it’s taking so long.


I’m sorry if I’m being impatient, but any updates?


Hi @Aperio!

We apologize for such late reply. We have automatically repaired your website. Does the issue still occur?



I fixed the issue by renaming the file, so it’s fine now! :slight_smile:


We’re glad the problem has been fixed :blush:


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