Cron jobs do not work after unlocking


Cron jobs do not work after unlocking.

I tried to restore the site. Create a new task after deleting the old one does not work. And the old cron task was not functioning.


Good day!

What is the website on which the CronJob does not work?


two websites.



Some internal timeouts are causing your Cronjob to not propagate properly. I am unable to access the system and manually fix the issue.

I have informed our developers about the problem and they will take care of it as soon as possible.


still not working:disappointed_relieved:


Ticket is sadly still open and not been looked at yet.
I can only apologise.


Hello! forgot about me? a month has passed


Nope not forgotten!
Last update was the 4th Feb
Your site has a server issue and it will take longer than they expected to resolve, it is an error that hasn’t appeared before.

Best to start a new account unless you can endlessly wait?