Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V


I know a funnier joke…

Alt+F4. (don’t try this at home kids)


Personally, I’m always using X+C+V. Yes, I do know how to code (a bit), but no-one knows everything and it’s not always possible (given deadlines) to understand and then start code from scratch.



It’s a bit of a lame joke, but one of those lame jokes you gotta chuckle at! :slight_smile:


That is a great way to put it.


I always use Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V, then finish the job with Ctrl+S.


Lol, that sums it up


That’s funny because I would use F5. :wink: but in this case Ctrl+s would be more likely.


That’s funny because I would use F5.

When working with a web browser, I prefer Ctrl+F5, as this forces the browser to ignore the cache and retrieve the content from the server.


I was talking more along the lines of Visual Studio 2010 Professional. As for the browser, it varies. For me its Shift+F5 (FF4).


You guys are hard core programmers! :smiley:


Proper hardcore, it because of the Ctrl+C & V enthusiasts like ourselves facebook exists (small crack at Mark Zuckerburg there).
I just wish Ctrl C & V existed when i was programming on a commodore 64 many years ago, would have saved me writing all that code down on paper, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


With only 64k to play with, couldn’t you just remember it? :smiley:


I probaly could have remembered it quicker than the amount of time it took to save it to a tape… those annoying screeches it made were driving me insane! :slight_smile:


Of course in the same way as having Einstein do your math homework and calling yourself a genius.


I know about 30 programming languages…

I still don’t get it.


lol, the best “Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V” programmer


I find that very hard to believe.
Anyway it means they steal/use code from other scripts by copying and pasting it.


Indeed, it’s all about the copying skill!


lol every body does ctrl+C CtRl+v to their web i tought


lol…you just know it without understand it :smiley:


first: real programmers use a mouse
second: the Yoda of the programmers use their minds to summon the right code
last: follow this link for an intellectual laugh.