Custom Domain Issue


Hello, I have been waiting for 5 days for the propagation to complete. So far nothing. The custom domain is with Hosting24. The CNAME record there is pointing to Also, the nameservers there are set to and When I go to your CPanel’ “I have my own domain” option and click on the Save button, nothing happens except an error popup message that says that my “ CNAME record must point to” (which it already does). What am I doing wrong?


You do not need to change nameservers. You only need to point CNAME

we are working to optimize “set web address” section to make it more fluent


Hi Andrius, I am not sure I understand. The default nameservers at Hosting24 were:

On Hosting24’s website I changed the above nameservers to:

Which set of nameservers is the correct one to use?


…And, to make sure: my hosting provider is you guys, and my domain is registered by Hosting24.


hosting24 support staff is informed and working on it.


Thank you Andrius. While they are working on it, is there something I need to do on my end? For example, do I need to change the two namerservers back to the Hosting24’s default four nameservers? Also, what exactly is the problem (as the Hosting24 support person wrote to me a few days ago that everything is in order on their end)?


You are ok. No need to do anything from your side now.


That is very good to hear. How soon do you think will be active? If you are not sure, can you at least tell me what the problem was?


You simply did not need to change nameservers. You only needed to add CNAME record.

I will talk to to add more convenient interface for this process to smoother.

So i can see that is already working


i cleared cache and still is not loading. Am i going crazy?


does it work with www?


I changed my nameservers too and am at 3 days without seeing my site. Maybe I can change mine back. However I did change my cname to the right one as so frustrating…I just want to edit my site again :disappointed:


can you please tell me how can i set my custom domain to
now my domain is and his replace with our domain


Follow this tutorial and use 000webhost nameservers to point your domain.