Database connection error, but repairs not seem to work

Need help to understand why am I having a " Error establishing a database connection" error on my website (
I have followed certain tutorials on youtube about adding:
and go to but the issue is still there.
I remember working on ELEMENTOR, that is when I pressed F5 and had this issue.

It could be relating to rate limiting
What happens when you manually login to database?

I can login to database, and everything looks fine.
Its just that I do usually work on backend ,so any fixes about " Error establishing a database connection" I got from google and youtube.

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Seems there could be issues then I can only apologise and hopefully they are resolved this weekend but likely might be next week early on.

I’ve reported this to developers today hopefully we can see some progress next week.

I just reset your wp-config.php and it started working seems there was unrequired lines causing issues.

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