DataBase connection through PhPAdmin;

I’m a neaw comer in the WebHost world, and I face problemto connect my WebSite on the DataBase I’ve created. I even more didn’t succeed to enter PhPAdmin interface.
In fact, where I can find my connection parameters ?.. I’ve understood that I should enter my user name and my WebSite password to enter PhpAdmin, but it doesn’t work !.. so what’s wrong ?
the second problem is to know the connection parameters to be used for connecting the DataBase in my WebSite … I mean what is the Host name, I have the DataBase name as I’ve created it … and what is the password to be used because during the creation, no password has been asked !
many thanks for your precious advices and help !

Hi! Not sure what went wrong on your side… :thinking: Please check out these tutorials

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Always include your 000webhostapp URL in future postings.

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