Database connection unresponsive


I’m currently using my free 000webhost website mostly to access its database via php (/phpAdmin), which is working most of time.
However, from time to time the php connection does not return and the phpAdmin access doesn’t work anymore. Sometimes I’ll get an “Host not available” error, but most of time it just doesn’t respond at all.

I’m currently not sure why this is happening and would like to know, whether
a) my php connection code could be responable
b) the database of a free 000webhost website is unstable
c) databases of 000webhost websites are unstable

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Please read this :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply.

I already knew about these limitation, but am I am fairly sure that I’m not exceeding them.

Currently only myself and one other person are accessing the database. However, I cannot rule out the possiblity that my php code does not proberly close its connection to the database after usage.

Does the database return an error via mysqli_connect_errno on mysqli_connect if a limitation is exceeded?


It should, or you can check by going to the phpMyAdmin interface


hmm, during the time I cannot connect to the database via php, i also cannot login into the database via phpAdmin. After clicking on login, the website loads indefinitely. Is this the normal behaviour if one of the database limits is exceeded? Once I can login again, I am not getting an error. Can I somehow view past errors ?


So this happens for some time and vanishes after less than an hour?


Yes, the problem happens quite often, but never lasts very long (max: ~a few minutes).

I just had the problem again and this time i waited instead of trying to reload the phpAdmin page. After about 30sec the login succeeded.
Is there any chance that this behaviour does no longer happen if i switch from Free to Single or Premium model ?


If you upgrade, those would vanish, as the mysql limitations are way lower (in the meaning of not many limitations)