Database Disappeared

Database errors/Crash.

I’m unsure what happened. I was creating a new database table for my database. I got some weird errors. Then it kicked me. When I logged back in, my whole database is fubared now. I’m getting error messages about the language and basic myphpadmin not being able to find my database or table. Can I please get an assist on this as soon as possible, as my workers depend on my portal and database to record critical information.

My username/account is: ahc-dropin

Your database is there and still safe.

I’ve pushed your URL to developers to double check.

It should allow you back in at some point.

If your script is being used in production you might want to look at production hosting which won’t have these issues.

Thank you. I wanted to make sure. I’ve gone and upgraded to premium, as I am going to be needing the extra bandwidth and database support. I wanted to just ensure I hadn’t lost everything before I made the switch.

Also, was the error a result of me hitting a limit? And if so, which one, as I can’t find it in my statistics, and I need to go through my coding to ensure I’ve optimized all my sql code and queries to ensure no loose end connections or unneeded data queries.

Up and running again. Thank you. Will give me some grace period before I move over to my premium account.

Wouldn’t base the free service on what the premium is like at all.

Those limits are imposed but won’t be reflected at stats panel sadly.
Happy site building :slight_smile: