Database on website and PHP code


Hi guys,

I’m fairly new with these website development and would like to ask how we can connect database data into our website and update database based on website input.

In addition, i saw in forum and understand that it seems we can custom code on PHP. If so how do I access into the source code and where should the PHP code goes etc.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi klevinlim. Welcome to 000webhost! :smiley:

  1. You can access your website content through our File Manager. You can connect to it using a FTP client as well (host is

  2. You can create a MySQL database by going to cPanel > Manage Databases > Create. Please note that you have no root privileges for your database on free plan.

  3. When you upload files, make sure you upload them to /public_html, in order to make them accessible via browser. Everything outside /public_html is private, and not shown to the browser (unless you create a script to do so).

  4. By default, each file named index.php or index.html is loaded first. So, if you would access http://your-website/, the page displayed would be http://your-website/index.php. If you access http://your-website/folder/, the page displayed would be http://your-website/folder/index.html, etc. If no index file is present, the content of the requested directory will be listed.

  5. You can use one of our free website builder to ease your work: cPanel > Website building > Zyro or Wordpress, at your choice :wink:

  6. Finally, you can get a lot of useful information from,, and BitDegree MySQL and PHP. We must not forget about, the greatest community of programmers on the internet. All of these offer great help which can guide you to create powerful websites and/or web applications.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: