Database problem - access denied for user


i am facing a problem which seems to be something with the user authentication of the database.

I have changed nothing at the database or its user.

The problem is the following :

when you try to open ( it displays the following message:

INSERT command denied to user ‘id3566727_2510447_plife’@‘2a02:4780:bad:c0de::14’ for table ‘passlife_session’ SQL=INSERT INTO passlife_session (session_id, client_id, time) VALUES (‘f540cc1de0cb97245d103b33e23ae88e’, 0, ‘1557914300’)

alhtough the user has full privileges.
I have found similar posts but not a consistent answer!

Can you please help me with this?


Hey there!
You have exceeded the free plan’s limitations because your database has more than 200 tables.
Our ToS state that a database can be up to 1Gb in size and have less 200 tables.
So the system has automatically removed the write(Insert/Update) privileges


OK you where right, although i don’t know how it ended up having duplicates.
i now have 156 tables.
Can you please re-enable writing privileges?
thank you


Sure, I have granted database privileges back

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