DB backup issue


hi ,

  1. I made a backup of the database of a site using phpMyAdmin as follows :
  • Export
  • Export method : Quick - display only the minimal options
  • Format : SQL
  • Output : no selection
  • GO

Then the .sql file of the databas is saved in my windows PC/Downloads.

  1. Then I opened the sql file saved using SQLITE EXpert personal edition to check that the DB saved is OK

Error “File is encrypted or is not a database”

Please advice ?

Note : I did not found any DB backup / restore tutorial


@gerardosamara Just open you downloaded .sql file with notepad++.


Thank you akhilkumar332 .

it works with notepad++ .

Is using the Export fnction “Quick - display only the minimal options” OK as per its default value ?

Note : there is a screenshot of the DB backup in this tutorial , but is is outdated …Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel