DBLimit Exceeded when the only Db activity was the Drupal setup


I understand the free service needs some limit but I have just used the db of free account to try to install Drupal, and the installation has been strangely interrupted and when I have checked db panel to clear db and restart setup, with my surprise I have seen that db limit was already reached causing the issue. Since the db hasn’t been used by my website before the Drupal installation, a db limit that isn’t enough to handle just Drupal CMS default installation seems weird to me.


Depends if the database is more than 150 tables etc


I haven’t checked I have just tried a clean standard Drupal installation from scratch without importing any website.


Looking back it seems that OPCache isn’t enabled on 000webhost and there are too many files and it will exceed the inode limit.


Is there a way to enable It? However the limit error seems on database, I was able to upload all the Drupal files but the setup fails during the configuration and after the fail if I check the db show db operation limit reached.


What DB operation limit? Queries error?

Like something like this?


Yes. The message reported limit reached with a message that reported there is a limit on number of db write and number of db read operations (now I’m not sure if the limit has been triggered by write or read operations).


Could do the install locally on xampp etc then zip the working public_html, drop the database, upload extract and import on 000webhost maybe?


I could, but honestly I doubt that free account is suitable to handle correctly the Drupal website if the limit prevents even a blank installation to complete without any additional content, theme, plugins etc. so in case the website starts likely I get tons of issues starting to work on It if the cause of the problem isn’t addressed on 000webhost side.


Yeah we have no current plans to increase limits, they are fine for the learner wanting to start their project or host a small time website with little plugins/visitors, it is free afterall.
If they need better hosting they’ll move to alternative free hosting or paid hosting with or not with us.
We have too many abusive users spammers/hackers/phishers blah blah and then we also have a high percentage of businesses/forums trying to run on 000webhost which isn’t what the service is designed for at all.


You could use harder user verification procedures e.g. phone number at registration, or some quota increase to the older users that have always respected all rules rather than too strict limits that don’t prevent spammer to create multiple spammy websites but prevent legit user to try to setup a not too basic CMS.
Alternatively the option to let the user to decide to show your ads in change of the access to higher resources would be a viable compromise.


We like it ad free, we introduced phone verification before accessing FTP in the past but too many complained it was a silly process and so it was removed.


Just to be clear. I have suggested the ads mode as alternative only for people that want higher resources than current free plan, not for all free users.


What version of Drupal have you tried installing?
I’m sure I installed it once before and it worked


The latest stable Drupal 8.5.5


I’ve just successfully installed the latest version.
I select advanced/minimalist mode though.


I have tried with the standard


Run minimal/advanced and then install any modules you need additionally in your own time to avoid database limit; else install locally and upload :stuck_out_tongue: