DDNS + Free Hosting = 100% uptime?

Just wanted to know if anyone has ever tried to set up dynamic DNS with free hosting. This way you could theoretically have 5 - 10 free hosts set up with one domain.

You’d have to find a way to sync the databases though.

I just want to know if it’s a project worth persuing but theoretrically you could break all the limits with this:

10GB Per free server x 20 servers = 200GB of bandwidth per month!

Also you could say BYBYE with all those DDos . . . . sorry . . . . server unavailable . . . upgrade now! . . . . messeges

If one server get ddosed just continue using the others :slight_smile:

Never try it… but check cloudflare to your DDOS problems, server unavailable and other problems :wink:

Quick explanation of cloudflare

For me, if I am not expecting too much traffic from my website, I would certainly not attempt DDNS, it’s set up if very much complicated.

Load balancing isn’t very easy to pull off. Your best bet is to use cloudflare if you are concerned about DDoS.

Sigh I can’t delete posts!

CloudFlare won’t help me at all if 000webhost is atacked. Do you understand how cloudflare works?

Client —> CloudFlare —> 000webhost.

So cloud-flare will only prevent direct attacks to my server. If someone ddosess another 000webhost site my site will go down since traffic wont be directed through CloudFlare. That’s why I need load balancing. CloudFlare supports round robin dns and on top of that I have exported certain services like commenting system (Disqus) and login (Google, Facebook , Twitter) so I don’t have to keep information synced on my own databases.

This way I can host my WordPress blog on up to 5 free hosting accounts at the same time. I can keep them synced up with Dropbox and my site will never again go down.

my website of me 90% uptime host free 000webhost domain .tk :frowning:

Yeah +1 for clouflare. I have 5 sites on pro! :slight_smile:

Why do you aspect so much from a free hosting provider?

As a free service, is it not enough?

Yup you are right 000webhost free hosting service provide if you get more features so go to premium membership.

100% uptime with free hosting…? wow…I want to know how to do it…:smiley:

You don’t aspect much more from free hosting.

does it really work? I would love to know the results.

There is no hosting provider that can deliver 100% uptime. I’d double check everything here first before signing up to anything.

Totally Agree…
But Can u please explain how it will work in brief ?

The offer is really good. I will opt in in few time.

I use Cloudflare for my 000webhost site and in the small amounts maybe 2-3 minutes it sometimes is inaccessible then CloudFlare takes over and has a mirror of my site basically? So is still usable by vistors :slight_smile:

I am a free site member. My website has not worked all day today. I understand, no problemo. However what bugs me is that there is a button on the right navigation menu that clearly say “Free Upgrade”.

I have clicked it on two separate occasions and there is nothing free there. Or at least I have not seen it. Can anyone on this thread direct me to what they mean to say here.
Or maybe this is just a trick.
I always like to know anyway.
Please do not mistake this as a complaint. I am pretty easy going and can deal with the free stuff.
Thank you guys

Never mind! I looked at this again and it says
"Free (Upgrade)"

It’s an Option!

No more 4:20 for me, LOL