Deleted my website and now cannot use the domain


I recently deleted my website, I’m trying to recreate it, but when I try I get an error telling me that the website name already exists. When will the website be completely deleted so that I can use the domain again?


The website?


Yes. I actually deleted the website and closed my account. Today when I tried to use it under a new account, I got an error saying there is already a website with that name.


You cannot recreate with the same name :slight_smile:


Why not? If I recreate with a different name, if I type in absurdistanis . Com will it still redirect to my 000webhost site?


Wait did you delete the domain or the app?


Just the app, I still own the domain.


You cannot recreate a new app with the same name :slight_smile:


You should be able to use the same custom domain like you won’t be able to use the same 000wh domain like infinity.000webhostapp

If you .com/custom domain isn’t working let us know what it is.