Deleting domain from 000webhost


I’ve decided to move away from 000webhost, and host elsewhere. My current registrar name for (my domain) is GoDaddy, and I am also able to control it as an external domain with 1and1. Although neither of these sites points to 000webhost, and I’ve deleted everything, including my account here, my domain always loads the webhost page. How do I fix it because it is driving my absolutely NUTS. (Thanks in advanced)


Hi @deleteme!

We’re sorry you’re leaving us. Just wait for DNS to fully propagate.

In addition, you may want to clear your browser cache and flush your DNS :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve read on other forums with people with similar issues. I’ve already flushed it, so now you’re saying just to wait?


Yep :smiley:

Is what I see.