Did the migration but migration message still appearing


I’ve followed the steps from this tutorial (Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel) to migrate my old account into a new one, i’ve backup’ed all website, moved my account to a new one, logged in in the new panel, restored my website, but the link keeps pointing to the migration message: gatorei.000webhostapp.com

Can someone help me? What should i do now?


Hi @gatorei!

This issue occurs because your website gatorei.000webhostapp.com is redirecting to gatorei.com.br, which points to the old servers. You have to point gatorei.com.br to 000webhost again.

  1. Go to Cloudflare cPanel > DNS and modify the CNAME records to point to gatorei.000webhostapp.com. Turn the orange clouds off (click on them)

  2. Go to 000webhost cPanel > Set web address > Add domain > Point domain > gatorei.com.br

  3. Go to Cloudflare cPanel > DNS and turn the clouds on


You need to access the old panel account.
Once in the accounts list you should see gatorei.com.br. enter cPanel then browse all the way down and click DELETE ACCOUNT/SITE.
If you see “account cancelled due to xyz” then hit your name under customer details and then DELETE PROFILE.
Your old panel account will be removed completely, log back in using the same email/password and the new panel appears.
gatorei.com.br will no longer show the migration page.