Didn't receive a confirmation email to activate my account


As the title says; i have registered an account with the following email address "eslamsaed.info@gmail.com" and didn’t get any confirmation email at all to activate my account.

And after searching the forum a bit i found out that many users have the same problem. so i’m asking if the confirmation process can be done manually until the issue is fixed ?

Sometimes can take a little while apologies 4 hours +

Manually activated for you.

Hello Infinity. thank you for your fast reply and for manually activating the account. but it looks like the failure to send the confirmation email is a problem with the sendConfirmation script that’s on the domain https://ae.000webhost.com as i tried to use the resend confirmation button on my dashboard with no luck. But when creating the forum account with the same email to write this post the confirmation email was sent instantly.

Hope this information helps debugging the actual cause of the problem and good luck.

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Thank you sadly we already know the delay of the hosting activation emails all jobs related to free hosting are queued in a system and sadly the queue can be extremely long.

Forum emails are separate and sent out when requested normally.

Thanks again.