Disabling 000webhost Banner/ads

On the new control you have the option to display a little banner of 000webhost :slight_smile:

You can turn it off very easily without needing administrator help nor permission from within your 000webhost.com control panel. Please note that if you have brought a custom domain from somewhere other than Hostinger, this branding cannot be turned off.

Login to your website https://www.000webhost.com/members/
and click Manage

Now at the top row select general

Browse all the way down to the bottom of the page and the third option up is the one you need to change.

Simply toggle the switch to off

The effect is immediate and when you visit your site the banner will no longer show - if it does then your computer cache could be saving it, simply clear your data/cache/history and reload the page a few times.

No more banner!

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So sad, it’s only for pro member. There’s no way for free member to turn it off except upgrade/buy pro.

Or get a domain from hostinger :wink:

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Yeah, actually did that. Hostinger,freenom and others. But, hostinger seems pretty handy to manage. Good suggestions.

This should help you

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Kindly note that if you start domain order from 000webhost panel, domain will be pointed automatically from Hostinger to 000webhost :slight_smile:


I do not know if it’s the intended behaviour but it hides the banner for me even in my custom domain name (and it’s not from Hostinger).
Ironically that makes me so happy to see that I can use it as I want even if it’s a free site, and I can turn it on/off, that I will happily keep the banner for quite some time, maybe forever :smiley:

I see the banner bottom right on your site…?

YES. I am happy and I decided to keep it :smile:

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