Disk full - FTP and File Manager error


Hello everyone

I’m trying to uploade 4 files with a total size of 50kB. When I click on “Upload” it gives me the error the disk is full. None of my stats are 100% (0,02% inodes and 2,39% disk quota) but unfortunately he won’t uploade my files. Not with Filezilla, not with the FIle Manager. I’ve already tried to repair the website but that doesn’t work.
Any idea how to fix this?
Thanks in advance


What is your URL please?


It’s pcproblems.ga. Since today, I also get the warning: 502 Bad gateway when unzipping with the third-party program unzipper. Also ‘openresty’ is shown under the message.


I just see 500 error, what scripts have you currently installed if any?


Yeah, I was trying to install drupal, but Filezilla can’t get it fully on the server. The 500 error you have seen is gone now.


Ah going by previous topics Drupal won’t fully work on 000webhost unfortunately.


Oops, bad luck. I’ve reached the installer earlier. I think I’m going to try it tomorrow once again, otherwise I need to find an alternative. Thanks for your support!


If you reach the installer that is a good sign but there have been reports that users simply fail to install it or once installed face issues with rate limiting which just doesn’t let the site perform as it should.


The drupal installation fails each time. I even don’t get the zip extracted correctly. I’m going to stop my project. Thanks for your support though!

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