Disk quota exceeded issue, can't backup


When trying to backup i get php: ZipArchive::close(): Write error: Disk quota exceeded, /storage/ssd5/458/5703458/public_html/wp-content/plugins/backupwordpress/classes/backup/class-backup-engine-file-zip-archive.php, 46

What does it mean? How can it be solved? My settings says im using 87.57%



This is because you’ve already covered “87.57%” of 1GB and very less space left to create backup.

To fix:
1)Delete all unnecessary files, which will free up your space and you’ll able to create backup.
2)Make sure you’ve more that 50% of 1GB before creating a backup, as you’ve more files.


Thanks for advice, but i’m beginner and i don’t know how to do that and i don’t know what are unnecessary files. Help please?


Let me check.
Btw what is your website url??


http://www.sapunidandm.ml/ :slight_smile:


I’ve cleared up 576MB of space for you. Now you can create backup.
Remember from the next time onwards, delete old backups in “wp-content >> ai1wm-backups” if you face such issues.


thank you so much :heart: