Disk quota exceeded


When I extract my project built using Laravel 5.6 and VueJs that uploaded through Filezilla to free host, it gives me this error

ftp_put() can’t open that file disk quota exceeded

when i checked about the disk statistics, it shows

Statistics Bandwidth:
2583.34MB of 10000MB
Disk: 230.67MB of 1000MB
Inodes: 20000 of 20000
Sent email: 0 of 50

what should i do now.

thank you…


What is the size of your Project?


whole project size is 65.5 MB and there are 30,810 Files, 5,012 Folders. cant I use this account to run my project ?. Should I upgrade to the premium account ?


Premium will run it yes :slight_smile:
Unfortunately the free plan doesn’t support that many inodes!


@Infinity :frowning: I try this only for testing purpose. So I can’t get a premium account yet bcz that Company owner not yet paid for get hosting space or get domain. I can’t think what should i do now ? can you suggest me something…?


Just find alternative hosting I guess there isn’t anything we can do to increase free plan limits sorry.


OK. Thank You for help…