DNS Please wait comnecting to server


I have an account but it always shows the message „please wait connecting to server“. I wanted to redirect my domain from another provider over an dns entry. Since that moment the message does not go away anymore. It starts again and again.

Enclosed please find a picture how it looks like.

I would be very thankful if you could do something. Because I cannot change anything anymore.

Thanky you very much in advance.


i’ve got the the issue here


I have the same problem



I’ve created my website draft some weeks ago. Everything worked perfect - database, files upload, FTP… But today appears that I can’t see anything when trying to manage the site using web-interface (FTP works fine). The site itself is visible and working. After entering my login credentials the browser is redirected to https://www.000webhost.com/members/website/list that endlessly tries to load “sites list” (and it is always empty). There are lots of errors in browser console log.
I tried two different computers, entered via different browsers (FF, Chrome, IE) - the same picture. Cookies cleanup did not help (as far as incognito mode).

Thanks in advance.


Yes, I see the same picture


Reported to developers as we can’t do anything at this level.


Update: seems the issue is fixed. At least for my site.
Thanks for cooperation,