Dns_ probe_finished_nxdomain


I am having this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN problem and trying hard to fix it but I can’t. I have read the similar topics but can’t find answer. I am pointing my domain from cloudflare. I have made some changes in database. Now my website loads slow and with no css . Second thing is I see 1016 cloudflare dns error sometimes and it gets fixee if I refresh it




Well I tried to include my website url but it said Sorry, you can’t post link to that host kind of text.
My website is https://movieszones.000webhostapp.com


I have tried changing my dns in Android but it’s not working. And I don’t think database have anything to do with it .


Well I have solved the Dns_ probe_finished_nxdomain but the cloudflare 1016 origin dns record problem still occurs for 1 sec


Try accessing it via https://hide.me/en/proxy


Thanks for the help. I use in 1 domain wordpress and in another I use normal index.php. I face problem with WordPress. The site goes down easily if any visitor roam around for 5 min or I make a post or little change. I have seen in topics and found that it’s because if database queries. But it’s too low because my site goes down every time. I wish that you guys would increase the database querie limit and I don’t need that much bandwidth


I’ll forward that to the admins :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help and the problem is solved so you can close the topics

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