DNS propagation


Please, I did a DNS propagation since yesterday and am still not being able to point the domain to my website. Please urgent reply is needed. Its a freenom domain: elitepay.ga and my 000webhost domain is elitepay.000webhostapp.com


Who is your domain registrar?
Are you using cloudflare?


You need to point your domain to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com using nameservers or use the alternative CNAME method.


My domain registrar is freenom


Have point it to the name servers since yesterday


Try using CNAME method.
Add 2 CNAME records:
<Leave blank> | <your website.000webhostapp.com>
www | <your website.000webhostapp.com>


Please! Will this solve my problem and redirect to my domain :elitepay.ga?


Yes, in this case, you will have to use the point domain instead of park domain :wink:
I also recommend you follow this tutorial for better results :slight_smile:

Additionally to pointing your domain to 000webhost, you will get a free universal SSL certificate from cloudflare on your domain.


Am getting an error message that have not point my domain to 000webhostapp.com while have created the CNAME record as you instruct me to


Then try the above tutorial