Does DNS migrate from old cPanel to new cPanel?


I just migrated from old cPanel to new. File directory has been replicated and is available via the link, i.e. when I click that link on the “Set Web Address” page that it goes to my website.
My custom domain is and it shows as “Parked” and linked to However, when I click on the link I get the generic webhost page.
Step 2 in the “Park domain” example says, “Configure your domain’s DNS provider to point to the and nameservers.”

QUESTION: since I’m using a custom domain that was already working with, do I still need to re-point to ns01 and ns02? Or does it just take some time?

Thanks for your help.


Looking good here!

Clear your browser/data history etc.


I’m severely perplexed. I have cleared the cache from the beginning of time on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and I still get the generic webhost page. I rebooted my router and computer, still no luck.
I checked it with the Epic browser and it displays fine.



open cmd.exe

type ipconfig /flushdns


Perplexity continues. Command says “Successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache.” but no joy with Chrome, Edge, FF.
On my machine “” goes to


Also, I did run Ccleaner as instructed in another posting that that didn’t fix the problem.


Super odd.

Can you try this out:


They are both pretty similar and will work fine for XP as well etc.


That did it!

Thanks very much!

One last question: should I leave the manual DNS settings indefinitely, or go back to auto-find after my ISP catches up? Are there advantages/disadvantages either way?


I use Google all the time because they get more updated or at least faster than my ISP