Does not come from my website?


does not come from my website. First the mail came, then it stopped coming to all the mailboxes, what should I do?


Hi @2twoside!

If e-mails do not receive this can mean only three things:

  1. You have exceeded the daily mailing quota (max 50 e-mails per day)

  2. Your mailing provider is blocking our mailing servers.

  3. One of our mailing servers is down. The problem will be fixed within 24 hours.

Please try again tomorrow. If the problem does not fix, then the problem is the one from point 2.


my other sites send data from forms on your hosting, this one is not…
how can I be?


We have several mailing servers.
Some of them may be down sometimes :slight_smile:


What website is not sending emails correctly please?