Domain doesn't work with "www" prefix


I can access naked domain but when I add www in front (like it loads a blank page.

Domain under question is

I use Cloudflare for DNS.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


Hi @prorocks2013!

The problem is related to Wordpress. After what plug-in have you started to experience this problem?


Log in to you cloudflare account, then go to DNS section,
and Add @ record pointing towards your * url.


I have not installed any new plug-in for a long time!

How do I diagnose this problem?


I have done that long time ago…two cname records are there
one is @ i.e. naked domain
another is www
both point to my *
They are setup in Cpanel successfully


The request is sent with status code 200, this means there is no DNS issue:

Wordpress refuses to render content, however I have no idea why :confused:.

Let me check a little bit the database…

@prorocks2013 UPDATE: I have fixed the issue. It is caused by one of these plugins.

Currently they are removed. Please re-install them and check which one is causing the problem, one by one. Press CTRL+F5 to fully refresh the webpage for testing. Also, I have set the default Wordpress address to


Well they’ve been with my site for a long time. I do not know how it happened just today.


Without them it works. Probably some interference occurred and this is why it happened today.

But as I said already, I don’t know which one of them is causing the actual issue. This is why I am asking you to check them one by one. I mean, I removed them, but I can’t add them back now… However you have access to WP admin, and you can add and check them from there…

Note that WP Static Cache caches the requests. I suggest you to test the plugins without it.


Thank you. I see you haven’t deleted them. So I have to just rename those folders and reload my site?


uhm… I am not sure honestly…

Please rename them (remove the dashes) and then go to WP admin and check if they are still there…


Well. Thank you again. You were right about Wordpress issue. I am happy that I took help of someone exprienced.

The images are not loading actually. In the backend (WP Dashboard). Front end is okay. Any suggestions?



What are your WP Admin credentials? I think after all I will check for you… :wink:


:confused: :confused: :confused:


Oops sorry about that. I will deactivate that plugin. Extra layer of security youknow

UPDATE: Deactivated the plugin. reply when you successfully login



I have logged in…


Do you see the images? You notice that sidebar? Options miss logos…and they just remain thumbnails


Yes, they don’t load indeed…

The sources from which they attempt to load return Error 403 - Forbidden

I’ll try to find a way to bypass this…


What’s more awkward is that in browser the resources are loading perfectly.

Do you have extra security set up in Cloudflare?


Shall I try to pause the Cloudflare protection for a while?