Domain help please


I changed my cname to my 000webhostapp but it says It is not connected to the server even with ns01 and ns02. Please help.


What is the domain you are trying to point here?



Loads your site fine weirdly?


But I wanted it to sleepingdragongames , for the domain to be seated. Currently godaddy has it forwarding until seated which I tried using the dns ns01 and ns02 but it was not linking up and masking the webhostapp part. That is why I need help with the website to attach the domain to be sleepingdragongames . I kept getting the unable to connect to server when using the dns servers.



Unable to connect to server, where do you get this notice / warning

Godaddy or 000webhost


Webhost after entering ns01 and ns02 dns servers.


Screenshots please and thank you.